The People You Don't Have to Invite to Your Wedding

Ahhh, you just got engaged, and now you’ve got a lot to think about. It’s likely you’re beginning to ponder your guest list. Or maybe you’ve been engaged for a while now, and your guest list has become a source of contention between you and your future mother-in-law (p.s. It’s your wedding, so you’re the one who is right).

No matter the case, not every Tom, Dick and Harry needs to be invited to your wedding. We’ve pulled together a few of the folks we don’t think need an invite:

Distant Relatives

What’s the chance that you’ve met your mom’s third cousin’s daughter and her family? Probably slim-to-none. Whether it’s your mom or mother-in-law pushing for these guests, push back! It costs money to have people at your wedding, so spend on family you know.

MIA Friends

We’ve all got friends who are flakey AF. For example, a gal that was in my group of friends texted the bride the day before the wedding that she decided not to go. Bless my homegirl who didn’t even respond. IMO, this girl’s text didn’t even warrant a response (because if it had come from me, expletives probably would have been involved). Avoid wasting money on these friends by not even inviting them in the first place.


Do you eat lunch with Sandy in Accounting every once in a while? Just because you work with someone doesn’t mean that you need to include them on your guest list. This is especially true if you’re trying to keep your wedding small. You can’t just invite one coworker and not another, right? Instead, celebrate your wedding with your coworkers by planning a happy hour.

People Who Invited You to Their Wedding

Listen, so what if someone invited you to their wedding three years ago? Unless you’re still close to the couple, that doesn’t automatically warrant an invite to your nuptials.


Now, this may be news that you may have to break gently, but if you want an adults-only wedding, then do it because it’s your damn wedding. Plus, making a wedding kid-free can quickly reduce the guest list size. If you have friends that are parents, yes, it may stink because they’ll have to get a sitter (hello, it’s called grandma?), but it’s a night where they’ll be able kick off their shoes and go back to their glory (kid-free) days.

Significant Others You’ve Never Met

If your fiance’s friend is on his third girlfriend in the last nine months, then do not invite her. Clearly, this guy cycles through ladies faster than a roll of paper towels, and it’s likely you haven’t met some of these ladies. It’s not worth spending money for her dinner when it’s probably going to be a new lady by the time the wedding rolls around. Also, maybe your fiance shouldn’t be friends with such a player?!

Speaking from personal experience (technically not me, but my friend, so close enough), this can cause contention. There may be friends who do not understand why their S.O. isn’t receiving an invite. It’s okay to be honest with the friend and say that since haven’t met this person, you’d rather invite someone important to you as a couple to celebrate your day. If they continue to throw a fit, maybe he or she isn’t worth inviting either.

Remember, It’s Your Wedding Day

It’s your wedding day, not the day of the people you invite. I haven’t been married (although I am getting pretty damn close to common law), but I know it’s a day I would want to spend with the people who are important to me and my boo, not my flakey as F friend who I haven’t seen in a hot minute.

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Tory Kalousek