10 Genius Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Listen, it’s no secret that weddings are expensive (AF). According to The Knot’s Real Wedding Survey, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $33,391. Uhm, okay. That’s a down payment on a house.

But here’s the thing, there are ways to save money on your wedding. Check out our top ten tips to help you save some serious moolah on your big day.

Prioritize What’s Important to You

While it may sound simple, it may be easy to make everything a priority. With that being said, you and boo should really sit down and determine what’s most important to have at your wedding. If that’s insane floral installations, then put your money there. More interested in having a bumpin’ dance party? Maybe put the DJ or band above other items. By prioritizing what is most important to you, it’ll be easier to cut down in other areas.

Don’t Afraid to be Savage When it Comes to the Guest List

As you see your guest list grow, just imagine these people as dollar signs. Don’t be afraid to be savage. You don’t need to invite your mom’s third cousin, no matter what your mom says. This is especially true if you’re the one shelling out for the wedding. Be tough. Say no. We believe in you.

Friends Make Great Officiants (And Crafters)

Do you have a friend that introduced you as a couple? Maybe it’s a pal that’s been around since the beginning of your relationship, and is a friend to the both of you. Well, if it works for you, have them officiate your wedding! Surprisingly, an officiant can be a significant cost, and having a friend get ordained through organizations like the Universal Life Church. It’s inexpensive, and it’s likely your friend will do it for you fo’ free. However, there is a caveat here. You need to double-check with your county clerk about the laws in your state to ensure that it’s legally binding.

Additionally, if you are planning on doing some of the decor, invitations, whatever yourself, pull in your friends or bridesmaids who are crafty to lend a helping hand. Grab some vino, ice cream, throw on a Rom Com and have a girls night where you work on your wedding decor or anything you need help with creating.

Embrace the Wedding “Off-Season”

Yes, there is an off-season for weddings. In Minnesota, it’s during the Winter months because it’s -40 outside. In Florida, the off-season may actually be June or July because the humidity will eat you alive. There are perks to getting married during this time, like major discounts on venues and services, aka really helping out your bottom line.

Ever Heard of Thermography?

It’s like engraving, but hella cheaper. The look is nearly identical, but can save you up to 50% off of anything you were planning on getting engraved, like invitations, envelopes or programs.

Don’t Buy Wedding Shoes

Obviously you need shoes for your wedding (unless it’s a beach wedding), but don’t buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks that you’re never going to wear ever again. Find a pair of heels/wedges/flats/whatever you like that not only will work for your wedding day, but will also work for your day-to-day life.

Email Marketing is Your Friend

Need I say more? If your potential vendors have an email promotion you can sign up for, do it! You never know if they’ll send out specials, deals or discounts on any of their products or services. Plus, if you’ve attended a bridal show and signed up for emails from vendors there, it’s likely they’ll send out special discounts to those in attendance.

Hunt for Pre-Owned or Sample Dresses

Bridal shops will often hold sample sales semi-annually to make room for the next season’s gown. This means that you can find a designer dress for up to 70% off. It may have a little wear and tear from being tried on, but that can typically be mended with the help of a seamstress.

There are also bridal consignment stores that take in samples from bridal shops or designers, again to make room for the upcoming season. These gowns have often never been worn and are being sold for a fraction of their retail price.

Keep the Booze Bespoke

The bar is often the biggest expense of a wedding. While your guests love to get down with an open bar, your wallet doesn’t. By keeping your bar down to beer, wine and maybe a signature cocktail, you will be saving major dollars per guest. Plus, people are still pretty happy with free beer and wine, because did we mention it’s free?

Get Coupons as You Checkout

We live in a digital world, and there are tools out there to help you save as you search online for wedding goods, whether that’s a flight for your honeymoon or supplies to create your wedding decor. Tools like Cently by CouponFollow are simple to use (it’s just a Chrome extension), and it does all the deal finding for you by pulling in coupon code across the web. I don’t know about you, but I love when something else does all the work for me.

Do you have any tips?

If you’ve got any tips on how to save change at your wedding, let us know! Or you could always reach out to, ya know, just chat, share stories, tell tales, whatever you want. Until next time, friends.

Tory Kalousek