The Reason I Started a Wedding Blog

Why I Wrote a Blog

First off, if you have checked out Earth To Brides before, thanks for coming back. If you’re new to Earth To Brides, welcome!

So far, I’ve posted about everything from holiday weekend weddings to bridesmaids who may be misbehaving (*cough cough* bitches). Now, I figured it’s time to explain why I decided to start a bridal blog that comes from a different perspective, and what qualifies me to be writing about any of this.

How Earth To Brides Began

I have always had a passion for the wedding industry, but I think it came to fruition during my college years. Being from the Midwest and attending a college in the heartland, engagements happen left and right while you’re in college. I had always wanted to write down my thoughts and opinions, yet at the time, blogging was a semi-new concept (did I age myself?!).

Time to Be An Adult

Fast-forward to graduation in 2014, where everyone goes their separate ways to their new and exciting jobs. Except for me! I couldn’t find a job for a wonderful eight months. What did that mean for an eager recent grad? Days spent at home looking for jobs from 8 AM - 5 PM. If you’ve never looked for a job before, I don’t think updates that much, so needless to say; I was bored, lonely and tired of living with my parents (love you guys, though). At this time, I was now familiar with what a blog was, and I thought, “what a perfect time to start the wedding blog I’ve always wanted to!” Well, if you want to start a quality blog to show your passion, that costs money. You know how you get money? A job. So, long story short, the blog once again was put on the back burner.

From there, I (finally) found a job as a digital marketing professional in Des Moines, Iowa and began the daily grind of adulthood. I had never forgotten my dream of creating my blog, but a girl gotta eat, so I focused more on work instead.

During my time in Des Moines, two of my closest friends got engaged. The fourth wolf in our pack was already married, but she went to the courthouse (bless her because I couldn’t have afforded the third wedding that summer). These weddings led me to realize that so much happens when it comes to wedding planning, from being a bridesmaid/maid of honor, bachelorette parties, you name it. However, no one was talking about these things because it wasn’t the fun or glamorous aspects, like the beautiful dress or Instagram-worthy cake. This experience created the base for Earth To Brides.

Now, a new adventure called, therefore making a move to the “Bold North” aka Minneapolis, Minnesota. Along with the move, it felt like the right time to finally start my blog and beginning in October 2017, Earth To Brides started to officially form.

What Qualifies Me to Write About This?

Honestly, nothing.

I don’t work in the wedding industry unless you count creeping on countless Instagram accounts as a job, then I am the CEO. All I’ve got to my name is passion, bridesmaid, and maid of honor experience, and numerous times being a wedding guest.

However, I spend countless hours chatting with brides-to-be, reading up on the latest trends, researching area vendors and salons, plus a million other things. I do this so I can write down the real part of wedding planning for you guys. And that, my friends, is what I have to offer you.

Let’s Keep In Touch

I would love to hear from you and your experience wedding planning so I can continue writing the blog content that you want to read! Reach out to me through the Contact page or you can DM through Instagram at @earthtobrides. I look forward to hearing from you!

Until then, peace and blessings.

Tory Kalousek