Keeping Sane While Planning Your Big Day

Photo by  Thought Catalog  from  Pexels

Photo by Thought Catalog from Pexels

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? If you didn’t, well surprise, you do now. Today, Earth to Brides is going to get a little serious (for the most part), and share some stress-relieving techniques to make sure our mental health is in a good space during wedding planning. But first, statistics.

Research done by Gallup found that eight in 10 Americans (44%) state that they frequently feel stress in their day-to-day life. And the 4% of people who state they never feel stress? They’re clearly lying. Furthermore, the National Institute of Mental Health states that health problems can occur when stress becomes chronic. While we all experience stress in different ways, some ways that stress commonly manifests itself is through digestive symptoms, poor sleep, sadness, headaches or irritability.

Many say that planning a wedding is supposed to be one of the best times of your life. However, wedding planning can lead to sleepless nights, a constant state of worry, guilty feelings and fights with your loved ones. This can add a lot of pressure and cause brides and grooms to focus on the stressors versus the joy of getting married.

If you’re finding yourself feeling constantly stressed because of your wedding, take a look of some of our favorite tips to take care of yourself.

How to Keep Calm and Plan On


During wedding planning, self-care can be added into your routine, whether it’s something big or small.  For some, a hot bath with essential oils and epsom salts can be incredibly calming. For others, hitting up a yoga session can help melt the stress away. It could be journaling. There are so many options that are easily incorporated into a daily routine.


We’ve all heard it before, but social media apps can be an endless pit of scrolling, liking and double-tapping. What we all tend to forget is that the channels are more of a highlight reel for those we follow than a reflection of their actual life. Especially when it comes to weddings on social media where all we see are these gorgeous, over-the-top events that likely cost a fortune. What we aren’t seeing in these featured weddings are the Groomsmen who lost his dress pants, the wedding planner running around with their head cut off, the bridesmaid who hit the mimosas too hard and more.

What am I trying to get at? When you’re in a moment in stress, instead of picking your phone up, put it down.

Take a Vacation (or Staycation)

If you are in a position where you can, it might be time to schedule a weekend getaway. No matter if it’s with your honey, your girls, your guys, your mom or yourself, plan a weekend that’s completely devoid of anything related to weddings.

On the flipside, if money is tight, you can plan a staycation right at home. Create your own bathroom oasis with candles and a hot bath, or you could simply stay on the couch and catch up on everything you’ve wanted to watch on Netflix.

No matter if you’re away for the weekend or cozied up at home, make sure it’s a wedding-free weekend.

Stick to Your Guns

Okay, so this may cause some stress upfront, but in the long run, it’ll make your planning process easier for you. This little tip will require you and your partner to come together to agree on what’s fair and where you won’t budge. For example, you and your honey boo need to be on the same page when it comes to your plus one policy and stick to it. This also means making sure your family sticks to it (we are looking at you, grandma).

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself

This falls a bit into the self-care category but whatever, here we are. To me, there’s nothing more relaxing than a getting a facial or massage at the spa. It can be expensive depending on where you live or the spa you choose, but every once and awhile, you’ve got to splurge on yourself.

If you’d love to hit up the spa but your budget doesn’t offer a lot of wiggle room, there are still plenty of options. One of my favorite things to do is hit up the local beauty school where I can get an amazing facial or haircut for a fraction of the price.

If You Need a Little More Than Self-Care

It’s okay if even after implementing self-care and stress relieving tactics into your routine if you need more love and assistance. There are many resources out there that can connect you to individuals who can help you. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • wedwell. wedwell is a service designed for brides or wedding parties that brings together wedding and wellness.

  • Talkspace. This resource is an online therapy service that can be with you anywhere you are.

  • Shine. Shine is an app that provides you with a self-compassion coach that can help you talk to yourself life a friend.

  • Headspace. This is a mindfulness tool to help you meditate and find new approaches to relaxation.

Have any Tips on Planning a Stress-Free Wedding?

Please share! We don’t care whether you’re a newly-wed, just engaged, a wedding planner or have been married for years, we want to hear from you. Drop us a DM on Instagram or fill out the form on our Contact page.

Talk soon!

Tory Kalousek