2018 Wedding Trends We Don't Want to See in 2019

Photo by  Nathan Dumlao  on  Unsplash

Ahh, I am sorry, folks. It’s been a while (*cough, cough over two months, Tory*) since a blog has been posted. Let’s just say work and the holidays got the best of me. But I’m back, more ready than ever to be honest about weddings!

Here we are in 2019, and a new year means new wedding trends, and we’d be lying if we weren’t ready for some of 2018’s wedding trends to go by the wayside. But which trends are these, might you ask?

Below is what wedding trends we’re saying bye betch and howdy to in 2019:

We’re Saying Goodbye to Flower Crowns

This may be a controversial item on the list, which is why we’re including it first, but it’s time to say sayonara to flower crowns. We’re just kind of over it. They’re still cute for flower girls, but that’s where they should stay. On our youth.

We’re Saying Hello to Floral Hairpieces  

Now, your hair doesn’t have to say goodbye to flowers altogether. Switch ‘er up with a floral hairpiece like the one above from Untamed Petals. These headpieces can add that pop of fun or elegance to your look, and it won’t die! AKA you can wear it whenever you want.

We’re Saying Goodbye to Letter Balloons

Letter balloons had their moment. They made appearances at weddings, engagement parties, wedding showers, bachelorette parties and more. Let’s just say, their moment has passed (in like, July 2018).

We’re Saying Hello to Balloon Walls

We’re not tired of balloons, they’re just taking on a new role in the form of installation pieces. Balloon installations have been on the rise for the last few years, like the one above from Girl Friday Creative. The color and design possibilities are endless, making it customizable to your wedding or reception.

We’re Saying Goodbye to Floral Centerpieces

Wait, what? Don’t worry, we don’t mean flowers as a whole, but hear us out. We’re talking about the big, middle-of-the-table centerpiece that’s got crystals dripping from all areas. While centerpieces like this are gorgeous (when done right), we’re ready for something new and fresh.

We’re Saying Hello to Unexpected Plants

Like grass! Yes, we’re serious. In 2019, expect to see the unexpected when it comes to floral components. Pampas grass is a great example of something that can add depth to a wedding ceremony or add a moody flair to a wedding reception. We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to see floral alternatives in 2019 (and beyond). Need inspiration? Check out Best Day Ever and her bespoke florals.

We’re Saying Goodbye to Decadence

Don’t get us wrong, we like a bougie wedding just like the next person, but there comes a time when it’s too much.

We’re Saying Hello to Minimalism

Less is more, we like to say! This year, we’re going to see a shift from over-the-top receptions with a focus on clean lines, a simple color palette and more architectural flowers.

We’re Saying Goodbye to Bright Colors

Okay, take this one with a grain of salt. We love a good pop of color sprinkled throughout a wedding, whether it’s a rich hue on a wedding cake or a pop in the bouquet. However, when it’s a full blown paint explosion when you walk into the reception, it can be migraine inducing.

We’re Saying Hello to Deep, Dark Hues.

This 2019 wedding trend is quite possibly our favorite. This year’s brides and grooms are expected to lean towards deeper hues that are in contrast from the popular blush color in 2018.

That’s all for now, but don’t you fret. We’ll back soon with a new blog post before you know it. In the meantime, if there is something you really want us to write about, head over to the Contact page or shoot us a message on Instagram (and don’t be afraid to drop us a follow, either).

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Tory Kalousek